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Hydrogen Infrastructure

Consulting · Planning · Services

HEE helps local decision makers to make the transition to a hydrogen infrastructure from the first steps, e.g. analysing the general situation in the city and proposing a rough concept, to preparing a detailed feasibility study and implementation plan. In particular, HEE offers the following services:

Research, Analyzing & Positioning

  • High Level City/Region-wide Analysis

  • Research regarding the energy situation in the city or region.

  • Analysing and identifying renewable H2 resources. 

  • Developing a general high-level H2 strategy for the city or region.

Feasibility Study Level

  • Planning the H2 infrastructure in the city/region

  • Planning of hydrogen gas grid and required hydrogen storage facilities

  • Planning of hydrogen production facilities such as hydrogen from thermo-chemical gasification or water electrolysis

  • Planning of hydrogen filling stations for busses, cars, trains, ships etc.

  • Planning of decentralized electricity and heat production via stationary fuel cell systems and their overall integration into the public electricity grid

  • Development and review of all required safety standards and procedures

  • Project cost analysis & identification of potential suppliers.

  • Project management

  • Documentation

Technical Services

  • Stationary fuel cell installation and maintenance

  • H2 industrial networking & insight

  • Technical HR consulting

  • Fuel Cell systems’ operational staff training

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